Looking For An Outdoor Guide Job? Here Are Five Things You Need to Know

Many outdoor enthusiasts consider themselves to be quite experienced in hiking, backpacking, or camping, and want to take their experience and shift it into an outdoor guide job. As a former guide and guide service business owner, I can tell you that there is more to being an outdoor guide than just experience being outdoors–although […]

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Marmots Eat Car!

Since our return from a successful adventure in Yosemite National Park, TrailDirt.com’s upper management has been demanding more spectacular pictures and thrilling stories from locations in The Sierra of California and Nevada. One of the areas that beleaguered middle management has ordered us to check out is Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. In my […]

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My Day Hiking Checklist

When I go day hiking there are certain things that I wear–and certain things that I pack–in my day pack. The first thing I do is choose my clothing wisely. Fall or spring mornings? Choose breathable layers, like a polyester/cotton tee shirt, with a fleece pull-over I can remove when it gets warmer later in […]

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Ten Best Colorado State Parks

Colorado seems to be on everyone’s radar these days–and Colorado state parks are waiting for you to visit. If you are planning a Colorado trip that includes outdoor recreation, it may be a good time to review other camping options that are not the state’s more well-known national parks. Colorado has myriad choices for outdoor […]

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Canyon Hiking Shoe Options

I was talking with a friend about shoes the other day. She works for a local outfitter and we were talking about all the new styles and materials that are coming out in new shoe lines. It occurred to me as we talked that many folks that had never hiked in the deserts and canyons knew to […]

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Easy Backpacker Meals

Here at TrailDirt, we have been tossing around favorite trail food ideas (I think we are hungry) for quick and easy backpacker meals. There are so many options from prepackaged dehydrated meals to stuff you can get at the local grocery that are light, easy to fix and pretty tasty. I’ve met hikers that have […]

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Southwest Landscapes Enchant

This video of various landscapes in motion, mostly composed from excursions in the desert southwest, will get you in the mood for a camping adventure in short order. My favorite part is the thunderstorm–shot from behind a pit house in a rock alcove–wow. At three and a half minutes, this creative endeavor from Dustin Farrell […]

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Here’s Why I Founded A Nonprofit

This op-ed was cross-posted from TerrestrialResearch.org’s Terra Blog. Support science and scientists by getting involved or donating to Terrestrial Research. There are many more problems out in the world than there are people who are willing to step up, latch on to an issue and try to make a difference. Most people simply don’t care. […]

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Las Vegas Hike is a Great Bet

  The Trail Dirt crew had to attend a family gathering in Las Vegas during the winter months. We thought about places to get into the outdoors along the way, and considering the short daylight hours and distance from the city, we decided that Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area due west of Summerlin was […]

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Airstreams as Stores

Airstream travel trailers are the most recognizable camping trailers in the world. Iconic, shiny, built to last, and crazy-cool, the Airstream brand has been inextricably linked with America and the outdoors since its founder and designer, Wally Byam, first used the name Airstream to describe his trailers in 1934. When asked why, Byam declared, “because […]

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A Lightweight First Aid Kit for Hikers

I was working with an archeological field crew made up of mostly 20-somethings fresh out of college and was surprised to find that I was the only person in the group that was carrying a first aid kit. I have to admit that in my 20s, I also felt invincible and rarely (if ever…I don’t […]

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National Parks Funding in 2014: What’s Next?

National parks need adequate funding to provide visitors with a great experience–and to protect these precious national treasures that we all own for future citizens. Parks, forests, monuments, and other national public lands are already running on the thinnest of shoestring budgets, trying to maintain roads, overlooks, bathrooms and visitor centers with the least amounts […]

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Joshua Tree National Park Shines

Each week the National Park Service highlights a park to visit. If you have visited Joshua Tree National Park, share an experience with us in the comments section below. Thanks. Visit the Joshua Tree National Park official site here.   Joshua Tree National Park – California   Joshua Tree National Park is a desert park, a […]

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