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Unplanned Trip to Zion Leads to Bliss

Hey–you wanna go to Zion National Park on a crazy-busy holiday weekend? Without much in the way of researched camping spots, plans or outdoor gear? Sounds fun! Craig Hill writes a cheerful and visually rich travelogue of a last-minute road trip to Zion National Park. Among his many entertaining conclusions: picking the right cohort is […]

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Ouray Canyoning is The Next Big Thing

Ouray, Colorado, boasts hot springs, waterfalls, mountains, and small town charm by the wagon-load. Once known only for its springs and ice climbing (and being the back-o-beyond neighbor to Telluride), Ouray has come into its own with the exploration and discovery of the canyons that surround the town. Greg and Connie Foy have founded the Ouray Canyon […]

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The Wave

Hiking The Wave

Look at these amazing photographs of “The Wave.” What–and where–is that, you ask? The Wave is located in Coyote Buttes in Arizona, just south of the Utah state line, in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. This slickrock wonderland can only be hiked by 20 people a day, and permits are hard to come by during the […]

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