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Couple Climb Peak, Get Married | TrailDirt.com

Couple Climb Peak, Get Married

Wedding atop Seneca Rocks. Photo: Issac Reese


Bob Ewing and his bride Antonie Hodge are avid climbers, and when Bob proposed during a climb on West Virginia’s stunning Seneca Rocks, Antonie said yes–then said she wanted to get married at the top of the peak on Seneca Rocks. I’ve seen people getting married in unusual places, but I’ve never seen a story like this, let alone the amazing wedding pictures that are must-sees. Incredibly, Bob and Antonie made the 900-foot ascent to the top of Seneca Rocks in a tuxedo and wedding dress on their wedding day. Bob’s brothers Scott and John, also climbers, performed the ceremony and took the pictures. Antonie’s mother, Evangeline Hodge of Los Alamos, New Mexico, also made the climb.

The next day the couple had a larger ceremony and celebration on the ground for the rest of their friends and family. In our days at Grand Canyon, the Trail Dirt Crew saw many folks getting married on the overlooks. It was a popular way to get hitched, and at sunset what church could match the beauty of the canyon? The photos of Bob and Antonie on Seneca Rocks rival any wedding I’ve ever seen at Grand Canyon. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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