Festival-goers Rock Out, Leave Tents

In a short and strange story from across the pond, folks that attended the Leeds Music Festival in Great Britain must not have understood the principals of ‘leaving no trace’ and ‘pack it in, pack it out.’

Every year, hundreds of tents and pieces of camping gear are left behind once the music’s over, leaving a huge clean up for festival organizers Festival Republic. The European-based charity Everything is Possible has been helping with the massive clean-up over the past few years, re-packing the tents, gathering the gear, and redistributing the abandoned goods to those in need. Last year’s festival netted over 700 nearly-new tents that were collected for the charity.

The group will begin redistributing the gear next week in a community exchange sale event, where for a donation, you could walk out with a bargain on top-of-the-line equipment, including tents, sleeping bags, mats and, of course, anything else that was found that is in pristine shape.

Read the whole story with amazing photos of the abandoned booty here.

Photograph: Volunteer at Leeds Festival Blog

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