Ouray Canyoning is The Next Big Thing

Waterfall walk in Lower Oak Creek Canyon, Colorado.

Ouray, Colorado, boasts hot springs, waterfalls, mountains, and small town charm by the wagon-load. Once known only for its springs and ice climbing (and being the back-o-beyond neighbor to Telluride), Ouray has come into its own with the exploration and discovery of the canyons that surround the town.

Greg and Connie Foy have founded the Ouray Canyon Festival, held in mid-August, in hopes of promoting Ouray as a canyoneering destination to those who would previously only rope through technical slots in Utah and Arizona. You can go from Main Street to an alpine canyon in minutes; the environment in the canyons of Ouray compared to the canyons in the desert southwest is so different that the Foys are promoting the use of the European term “canyoning” to describe the technical rope and climbing skills needed.

As someone who has hiked and roped through many canyons in Utah, I am looking forward to my next visit to Ouray. I have many fond memories of being in spring pools and being mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding mountains–now, I want to see Ouray’s technical slot canyons.

Read more about Ouray and the Canyon Festival here.

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