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Outdoor Industry is Booming | TrailDirt.com

Outdoor Industry is Booming

$143,383,731,298 was spent on camping in 2012.

The results are in from the Outdoor Industry Association: as far as the outdoor industry is concerned, there is not a recession.

In a report entitled The Outdoor Recreation Economy: Technical Report on Methods and Findings, there is plenty of good news and uplifting statistics, including an impressive dollar amount: $388,627,998,140 spent on travel and gear for non-motorized outdoor recreation in 2012. If you include the RVs, boats, motorcycles, and four-wheelers, that amount increases significantly to $645,552,112,068.

Expenditures for outdoor recreation also created over 12 million jobs, and almost $99 billion in federal tax dollars. As an example, fishing is directly responsible for employing 307,175 people. Who knew?

The report is interesting and is an indication that the great outdoors will always be an important resource aside from its inherent attributes, especially for manufacturing and for state and local economies.

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