Southern Utah Short Film Is Stunning

skateutthbThis incredible short film, Journey to Skate Boulder, touches on all the beauty and magnificence that are the Canyons of Southern Utah. Watching it made us homesick here at TrailDirt, as we lived and worked in this country for almost seven years. The scenery, the places, the beauty of Southern Utah is perfectly encapsulated in these breathtaking eight minutes. Radical!

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  1. Julia Cozby April 2, 2014 at 12:36 pm #

    TrailDirt has received some comments in social media outlets decrying this video and its shown locations and activities. Although we found no specific rule against skateboards for this area, designated mountain biking routes have not been established and mountain biking is not allowed on backcountry hiking routes. All vehicles and bicycles must stay on roads (although climbing and rappelling, horseback and pack animal use, and cattle grazing is still allowed, which can also damage and leave permanent marks on slickrock).

    Recreate safely and responsibly–LEAVE NO TRACE.

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