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Ultralight Backpacking Made Easy

Dave Collins is going to show you how to transition into ultralight backpacking. His start-up, CleverHiker.com, which can be more deeply researched here, consists of instructional videos that he will host, showing you all his tips, gear, and tricks to make any epic backpacking through-hike on the AT, PCT–or anywhere–more enjoyable using lightweight gear and […]

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Women Hiking: Oh Yeah

More and more women are hitting the trails these days. From hard-core AT through-hikers to ladies doing casual day hiking in their nearby parks and on neighborhood trails, it seems that nature offers a spiritual renewal for most women that take up hiking, as well as a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. I was not […]

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Backpacking for Beginners?

I found this story on CNN this morning about backpacking. I’m pretty sure the author has never been backpacking. I have some issues with the content and recommendations, which are very ambitious even for experienced backpackers. The five places listed for great backpacking are: Grand Canyon National Park Glacier National Park Yellowstone National Park Denali […]

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