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Why I Hike: Hiking Therapy

The storms of life. The agony of defeat. Rejection. Heartbreak. Death. We’ve all experienced these things, the banes of our collective existence. Luckily, we have a place to go and collect ourselves and return to wholeness as human beings. It’s called the natural world. Hiking therapy is real and it works. I know that most […]

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Southern Utah Short Film Is Stunning

This incredible short film, Journey to Skate Boulder, touches on all the beauty and magnificence that are the Canyons of Southern Utah. Watching it made us homesick here at TrailDirt, as we lived and worked in this country for almost seven years. The scenery, the places, the beauty of Southern Utah is perfectly encapsulated in […]

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New Zealand Dirt

Watch this six-minute video of stunning time lapse photography from New Zealand. The best part is looking at the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere. From volcanoes, to oceans, to forests and mountains, the folks at Primal Earth Images do a fine job of sharing the beauty in their part of the world.

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Summer in Winter: Aussie Dirt

Here’s a nice video from Australia showcasing the ocean, wildlife, grasses, and the woods of southern mainland Australia.¬†Filmed at the National Park of Wilsons Promontory, it is 6:17 minutes of deep peace. Australians are getting excited for summer to begin, and this video from Amalthea Films showcases the coming season.

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50 Mile Canyon Hike

Hiking is Good for Your Brain

We know that hiking is good for the soul and for the body–and science once again has proven that to be true. In a study that was published by The Journal of Affective Disorders,¬†volunteers suffering from depression who took a 50-minute walk in the woods improved their cognition (the ability to remember strings of numbers […]

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