Unplanned Trip to Zion Leads to Bliss

Zion National Park, Utah.

Hey–you wanna go to Zion National Park on a crazy-busy holiday weekend? Without much in the way of researched camping spots, plans or outdoor gear? Sounds fun!

Craig Hill writes a cheerful and visually rich travelogue of a last-minute road trip to Zion National Park. Among his many entertaining conclusions: picking the right cohort is crucial. A traveling companion never had so many implications; it’s almost as if the person with whom you choose to “wing it” is as important as, say, a business partner or spouse. Also, the first time you drink a whole beer, it ought to be looking at some kind of crazy, off-the-hook natural beauty as the sun is setting. Dang–I can’t recall the first time I drank a whole beer. Craig will always remember his first time. Also, there can be much joy in feeding livestock (I think so, too). Craig is an outdoor recreation columnist for the News Tribune in Washington, so you can read him regularly at his blog at http://blog.thenewstribune.com/Adventure

To read about Craig’s super-last-minute-winging-it-no-plan trip to Zion, click here.

Have you ever gone on a last-minute adventure trip? Give us details in the comments below!


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